Connecting Decolar with myallocator


This article will show how to setup Decolar and connect with myallocator.

Decolar Instructions

Step 1 - Decolar Account

If you do not have an account yet with Decolar, click on the link below to setup your property with them first:

Step 2 - Myallocator Connection Request

Once you have an account with them, follow the article below to know how you can generate your special credentials

How to Generate Credentials to Connect with Decolar.

Note: This special login is separate from your normal Decolar extranet credentials.

Per Decolar as of March 7, 2016

Prior to a property connecting Decolar to myallocator, Decolar must migrate them from their current system to a new system. Currently, Decolar is training Market Managers to instruct hotels of this requirement.

For any hotel that wants to work with myallocator, the first step is to tell their Despegar account executive to be considered. 

The connection can only be made once the Decolar account executive confirms the property has been switched to the new system.

Myallocator Instructions

Log into myallocator by Cloudbeds

1 - Click on Manage
2 - Channels
3 - Add Channel
4 - Select Decolar

Enter the special Login provided by Decolar above and click 'Next'

Map your rooms together

If you need help with room mapping, please consult our Room Mapping Guidelines

Choose the Rate Plan that you want myallocator to control

Optional: Choose a Base Rate Adjustment

If you wish for your rates for this channel to be a little higher or a little lower than your other channels, enter that optional adjustment on this screen.

Note: This is not where you enter your rates! This only adjusts the rates higher or lower for this channel.
Full instructions can be found here:  Setting Base Rate Adjustments

Select the Currency, Taxation, Charge Type, Extra-Bed, Extra-Bed Rate, and Extra Bed Age options

  1. Convert to Currency:  Choose the currency that your Decolar extranet is set to
  2. Tax settings:  Choose whether Taxes are included in the Room Rate, or if Taxes are Not Included in the Room Rate
  3. Charge Type
    • Per Room: Your rate (charge) is per room
    • Per Person: Your rate (charge) is per person
  4. Extra-Bed:  You have three options:
    • Same as Room Rate
    • Extra Bed Rate Set Below
    • Skip Extra Bed Rate
  5. Extra-Bed Rate
    • Set the rate for the Extra Bed
  6. Extra Bed Age
    1. Set the age for when to consider the person as requiring an extra bed
      • Adult
      • Child
      • Infant
      • Baby


Note: The extra bed rate needs to be set up on your Decolar extranet. Please, contact your account manager to set up this option correctly.

Note: These options must be chosen correctly!

If these options are not chosen correctly, we will not be able to update your Rates & Availability on Decolar.

On your channel summary page you’ll be able to see that setup for the channel has been completed successfully.

Save Changes and Refresh your Myallocator Account

Note: This will overwrite (erase) any rates and availability which were on the channel before. Do this only once you have added the availability of this channel to your inventory.

  1. Click to go to the "Availability" screen
  2. Click Full Refresh
  3. Select Start Refresh
  4. Wait for the process to complete so you can review any possible errors, then click Done.
Error Messages - Examples

If you choose the incorrect Taxation Setting, you will see this message when sending a Full Refresh:

Error #99 The field used to charge the price amount in room: 1502883, ratePlan: 6603 for date/s: [2016-08-04, 2016-08-07) is incorrect because the hotel works with tax included. Be aware that this configuration affects the sell price

If you choose the incorrect Charge type setting, you will see this message when sending a Full Refresh:

#99 The charge type used in ratePlan: 6603 is incorrect.

You are Done!

Have more questions? Contact Support