How to set up Hot Deal for HRS?


HRS has very specific instructions on how to set up Hot Deal rate plan with myallocator. Please follow detailed instructions below.

1. Go to Manage > Channels > HRS and map your rooms


2. Click Next and scroll down to Options for Hot Deal. Set Rate Group to 2 and click Next.

Configure the rest of the setting like Rate Increase/Discount, Minimum Stay, Board Type etc.

Note: If you select Rate Group 1 your Standard rate won't be bookable on HRS anymore.


3. Log in to HRS HSA portal and Add rate Hot Deal 2

NOTE: Hot Deal 1 can't work with myallocator. Rates and availability for Hot Deal 1 have to be set to 0 in HRS. 


4. Go to myallocator > Availability and do a Full Refresh



HRS and  myallocator have the limitation of sending updates only when something is new in myallocator Availability page. This means that while doing Full Refresh - only the first update sends all data. Updates following first update will be empty until a value like rate, availability or MinLos is changed.

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