Decolar Error: A mapped room has the wrong number of beds for the configured room


This article will discuss the cause of the error "A mapped room has the wrong number of beds for the configured room" and how to solve it.

1. Creating Dorm rooms in Decolar

When selling dorm beds on Decolar, you must setup each of the beds as an individual "room".  



Let's say you have a Female 6 Bed Dorm room.  In order to setup this room on Decolar, you must do the following:

  1. Create 6 individual rooms
  2. Each room must be setup with a maximum of 1 person in the room as shown below

2. Creating the rooms in myallocator

In order for this setup to match between myallocator and Decolar, you must do the same inside of myallocator:

  • Dorm: Yes
  • Occupancy: 1 Bed
  • # Rooms: 6

Non-Working Setup exampe

If you set the rooms up incorrectly in myallocator, the configuration won't work.  Here's an example of an incorrect setup

Notice in the above screenshot that the Occupancy is set to "6" instead of "1".  In this case, Decolar will reject the update, since Decolar is expecting 1 bed with 6 rooms, instead of 6 beds in one room.

3. Mapping to other channels

In general, this setup is compatible with other channels as well.  We are still sending the total number of beds (6) for the Dorm Room - it's simply how the number is "packaged" for the channel.

To ensure that this setup works for all of your channels, make sure you do a "Full Refresh" to all channels after creating/updating the Dorm Room.

If all channel updates are successful, your setup is complete.

If you receive any errors after sending a Full Refresh, please submit a support ticket so that we can review your setup.

4. Conclusion

Mapping dorm beds between myallocator and Decolar is possible, but you must setup the Dorm room correctly according to the instructions above.  If you set the rooms up incorrectly, you will receive this warning:

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