Agoda error: Rates could not be updated: Some or all rates are above the maximum room rate set by the channel



During a Full Refresh, the following error may appear for Agoda:

Failed: 1114 Rates could not be updated: Some or all rates are above the maximum room rate set by the channel. As an example, please check [?roomname?] with rate [?ratename?], which should be below [?rate?]. To raise the maximum rate login into your Agoda backoffice, go to Settings, Room Settings and raise the rates. (#FAULT.OTA.RATE.TOOHIGH.AGO) 

Reasons and Solutions

If any of the solutions suggested have not fixed the error, please contact us at - we'll help you resolve the issue!

Case 1. Limitation due to Minimum Rate on Agoda

Reason: There is a setting on Agoda called 'Minimum Rate.' It's set in order to prevent too low of prices being added by mistake or a third party. If you have set a price in Myallocator that is lower than the Minimum Rate set in Agoda, the channel will respond with an error during the Full Refresh.

Solution: go to your Agoda account and check the minimum rate for each room type.

You need to
A) either make sure you do not have rates in myallocator that are lower than Agoda Minimum Rate for every room and if you do- raise the room rates in myallocator (or PMS if it controls myallocator);
B) or you need to lower the Minimum Rate in Agoda for the rooms needed.

Case 2. Too low rate in myallocator

Reason: one of the rates in myallocator is too low.

Solution: check your calendar in myallocator to make sure you do not have too low of rates (for example, '1 USD' per room, it could be set by mistake).

Case 3. Single Use Rate is higher than Full/Double Rate

Reason: Single Use rate that is higher than Full  rate.
Example: price for 1 room with 2 beds costs 759, while Single Use Rate (price for 1 guest) is 799.

Solution: Change the Single Use rate so that it is lower than the Full rate and run the Full Refresh again.

Case 4. Mismatch in currency between myallocator and Agoda

Reason: in very rare cases the error is caused by a discrepancy in the currency between myallocator and Agoda

Solution: Make sure the currency in myallocator and Agoda are the same

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