Connecting HoldInn with myallocator


This article will show how to setup HoldInn to connect with myallocator.

1. If you do not have an account yet with HoldInn, click here to setup your property with them first:

2. Select myallocator as your channel manager within HoldInn

2.1. Login to your HoldInn Extranet

2.2. Go to MORE then Channel Management

2.3. Hover over the black square, and click Add

2.4. Setup Channel Management

  1. Select your Property
  2. Select myallocator under Channel
  3. Enter your HoldInn username
  4. Enter your HoldInn password
  5. Click Save

3. Determine your HoldInn Property ID

  1. Click on Property Info
  2. Locate your Property ID in the top-left corner of your Property Picture
  3. Make note of the ID (you will need it later)

4. Connect the channel and map your rooms in myallocator

4.1. Log into myallocator by Cloudbeds

4.2. Click on Manage and then Channels

4.3. Click "Add Channel"

4.4. Select HoldInn and click "Not Setup"

4.5. Enter your Login

  1. Hotel ID = the number you identified in Step #3 above
  2. Password = your HoldInn extranet password

4.6. Map your rooms together

If you need help with room mapping, please consult our Room Mapping Guidelines

4.7. Enter a Base Rate Adjustment (if desired)

Click here to learn more about the Base Rate Adjustment.  In most cases, this can be left blank.

More information can be found here: Setting Base Rate Adjustments

4.8. Channel Setup is Complete

5. On your channel summary page you’ll be able to see that setup for the channel has been completed successfully.

6. Save Changes and Refresh your Myallocator Account

Note: This will erase any rates and availability which were on the channel before. Only do this once you have added the availability of this channel to your inventory.

  1. Click to go to the "Availability" screen
  2. Click Save
  3. Select "Save to myallocator and all channels"
  4. Click Send to push the rates and availability you set in Step 2 to your newly connected channel.

7. You are Done!

Have more questions? Contact Support