How to connect HostelGalaxy with myallocator


This article will show how to setup HostelGalaxy to connect with myallocator.

Pre-Requisite: If you do not have an account yet with HostelGalaxy, click here for instructions.

Please follow the instructions in the PDF file below to list/setup your property on

When your property is setup with HostelGalaxy, you are ready to proceed with the instructions below.

1. Identify your HostelGalaxy Property ID

  1. Login to your HostelGalaxy account at
  2. Locate your Property ID
    • Note:  Each property ID is a completely unique 32 bit hexadecimal guid so it would be impossible for one property to enter another property's ID.

Step 1: Connect the channel and map your rooms in myallocator

Once you have received our confirmation email, proceed with the steps below.

I. Log into myallocator by Cloudbeds

II. Click on Manage and then Channels

III. Click "Add Channel"

IV. Select HostelGalaxy

V. Enter your HostelGalaxy Property ID (from the step above) and click Next

VI. Map your rooms together

If you need help with room mapping, please consult our Room Mapping Guidelines

VII. Enter a Base Rate Adjustment (if desired)

Click here to learn more about the Base Rate Adjustment.  In most cases, this can be left blank.

More information can be found here: Setting Base Rate Adjustments

VIII. Choose the HostelGalaxy Channel-Specific Options

  1. Choose the Currency
    • The currency selected must always match your default currency of your Expedia Extranet.  
    • If you need more information about Currency Conversion, click here: How do I manage different Currencies?

IX. Channel Setup is Complete

Step 2: On your channel summary page you’ll be able to see that setup for the channel has been completed successfully.

Step 3: Save Changes and Refresh your Myallocator Account

Note: This will erase any rates and availability which were on the channel before. Only do this once you have added the availability of this channel to your inventory.

  1. Click to go to the "Availability" screen
  2. Click Save
  3. Select "Save to myallocator and all channels"
  4. Click Send to push the rates and availability you set in Step 2 to your newly connected channel.

You are Done!

Have more questions? Contact Support