Transferring ownership of your myallocator account to someone else


This article will walk you through the steps of transferring ownership of your myallocator account to somebody else, such as a new owner or new property group.

1. Inform myallocator support

In order to have a smooth transition, please follow the steps below to inform myallocator support of the new owner.

1.1. Determine your administrative email address

For security purposes, the email must be sent from registered, administrative email address.  The email must be received from your primary user's registered email address, as shown below.

  1. Click in the upper right corner, where your property name is shown
  2. Click Your account
  3. Identify the email address we have on file

Alert:  We cannot receive a property transfer request from any other email address.  It must be received from the current primary account holder's email.

1.2. Email myallocator support

Email myallocator support at from the registered email address that you identified above, with the following information:

  • Your property name
  • Date of new ownership
  • Name of new owner
  • Email address of new owner
  • State that you will notify us when the transfer is complete

Tip: Be sure to copy the new owner on the email to ensure a smooth transition.

1.3. Example

Hello myallocator support,

I am the owner of Hostel ABC.  I am selling my property, and the new owner will take over on April 15, 2017.  The new owner's name is John Smith, and he can be reached at  

I will perform the steps to transfer ownership, and confirm the transfer with you on April 15, 2017.

2. Remove your billing information from myallocator

So that you are no longer charged for the property, please remove your billing information.  To do this:

  1. Follow the steps in this article:  Making changes to your Billing Account
  2. Under Payment Details, choose Credit Card
  3. For the Card Number, enter:  4111 1111 1111 1111
  4. Enter any month/year such as 12/2020
  5. Enter 123 as the CVV
  6. Enter any name, such as "Test Name"
  7. Click Save

3. Instruct the new owner to update the Billing Information in myallocator

Now that the billing profile has been changed to a test card, the new owner must update the billing account with their new credit card or PayPal account.  Here are the steps they will need to follow:  Making changes to your Billing Account

4. Verify the transfer with myallocator support

On the transfer date, please let know so that we can verify the owner's Name and Email address in our system.


Hello myallocator support,

I have removed my billing information from the myallocator billing system, and instructed the new owner to enter their billing information in its place.  Can you please confirm that the account has been transferred to John Smith with email

5. Myallocator confirms the transfer, process is complete

Myallocator support will respond to your email, confirming the successful transfer of the account to the new owner.

What if I am the new owner, but the previous owner did not transfer the account to me?

If you are the new owner of the property, and the previous owner did not follow the steps above - please contact them and send them the link to this article.  

If the previous owner cannot be reached, please contact us at security@cloudbeds.  Provide as much detail regarding the situation as possible, and we will do our best to assist.

Have more questions? Contact Support