Mybookings' Wordpress Plugin vs iframe


In this article we will discuss the difference between using the WP plugin and iframe

Wordpress plugin

Mybookings' Wordpress plugin is NOT a replication of the live version of mybookings. Originally it was designed to be a standalone plugin for anyone that wanted to use a simple booking engine solution on their Wordpress page (if they didn't have a Cloudbeds paid account). 

Most of the mybookings features that were recently added to our system will not show up there: 

  • Add-ons (the ability to sell other items on top of accommodation), 
  • Promo codes and packages
  • Custom fields
  • Multi languages (you can have the plugin only in one language)
  • etc... 

Due to various reasons, Mybookings' WordPress plugin is evolving a lot slower than our integrated Mybookings' Booking Engine.

We are currently working on a big re-design for mybookings that will be released later this year. That is going to make the WordPress plugin even more outdated.

While we are interested in improving it in the future, unfortunately, it has a low priority for now. 


So if you wish to use Mybookings to its fullest, we highly advise you to use it through an iframe (that can also be inserted in your WordPress website).

Please find here the links from our knowledge base with the necessary information regarding mybookings customization:

If you wish to get more information on this, please don't hesitate to contact Cloudbeds support team.

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