How to use Billing Portal for Groups?


If you own multiple accounts and would want to manage all of the billing in one place - then Group Billing is the best solution for you. With this functionality Cloudbeds offers the possibility to contain an indefinite number of properties in order to centralize the billing for all of your accounts in one single billing portal. 


  1. Single invoice date: all the accounts from the same group will be billed on the same date and the system will issue a single invoice with the account details which are part of this group. In order to set a single invoice date, the system issues a prorated invoice for the properties.
  2. Universal billing information: the information entered in the billing portal, will be used to generate all invoices and charges for all the accounts.

Please contact our customer support team in order to request assistance with the creation of a billing group. 

How to access the group billing portal

Log into any myallocator account that belongs to the billing group and access the billing portal:

  1. Click Manage
  2. Click Billing
  3. Click here to access Billing Portal

Screenshot 2024-01-05 124328.jpg

Billing Information

  1. Click Account Dropdown
  2. Select Billing Information

All the data on this page will be used as Billing Information for the whole group. You can edit any information by clicking on the Edit button.

The email address will be used to send all billing-related communications regarding your billing group. Please ensure that this email is always current.


How to update your e-mail

If you wish to change the e-mail, please follow these instructions.

If you don't have access to your old email address, please contact our support team.

The recurring period of the plan can also be modified in this section. Remember, the payment period will be changed for all the accounts in the group:

Current Packages Tab

All the packages which are used by the group will be listed in this section. You may also chose to cancel any of the current trials before they become active, by following the steps below:

  1. Access Account
  2. Select Current packages
  3. Click on Cancel the trial
  4. Click on Yes when the pop-up message shows up


Check all the information about the group invoices below:

  1. Invoice: Invoices IDs - You may include this ID number in the inquires that you send to our Support team, if needed
  2. Invoice total: total amount of each invoice
  3. Invoice balance: remaining amount to be paid for the invoice. Partially paid invoices will show a balance due
  4. Date due: the last day to pay the invoice before the account becomes overdue. This is NOT the invoice date. 
  5. Date paid: the date when the invoice was paid
  6. Payments: includes the amount and payment type used to pay the invoice
  7. Status: shows if the invoice is paid or unpaid
  8. View invoice: click to view and download the invoice

For further details about any specific fields inside your Cloudbeds invoices, please refer to the following article: Billing Portal Invoices


Payment attempts and successful charges will show up here. In this section, you will be able to review all the information about your Group payments. 

  1. Pay now: this button can be used to pay your current invoice
  2. Transaction history: all failed and successful attempts will be displayed below, respectively in red or green

How to cancel accounts from the billing group

Account cancellations can be done for individual members of the group or for all properties. You will be able to select the properties that you wish to cancel.

Please refer to the following articles in order to request a cancellation:

How can I see the previous invoices that were generated for the accounts in my group?

After creating a group, all new invoices for the group will be created under this new billing portal. However, you will still have access to previous invoices from the billing portals of the properties that are members of your group.

Follow the steps below to review the invoices which were created for individual properties before they joined the group:

  1. Access Account
  2. Click on Invoices
  3. Under Invoices tab, click on Invoice history
  4. Click on View next to the property that you want to review
  5. A list with that property’s invoices will be displayed
Have more questions? Contact Support