- Availability Hard Closure Troubleshooting


This article explains how to open your availability on once the your property is already connected to this channel.

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When connecting your property to, your room availability should be already opened for sale (either for the present or future dates) and updated accordingly, because once the channel is connected, it is not possible to open hard-closed rooms.

What is a Hard Closure on

Hard Closure refers to availability blocks on the calendar, even when myallocator is sending availability and prices for these specific dates.

These are not blocks/rules sent from myallocator, but availability blocks already made in the platform:

Closed (Hard Closure) vs Multiple Blockers

  • The Closed status is a hard closure made by It is not possible to remove this type of closure from the myallocator side, meaning that it needs to be removed directly from the extranet by following the steps below.
  • Multiple blockers are the availability blocks sent from myallocator to, and these are automatically updated when sending availability to the channel.

Hard Closure Troubleshooting

Step 1 - Disconnect your property from

To remove the hard closure on the extranet, the channel needs to be fully disconnected from myallocator first. Follow the steps on this guide for the temporary disconnection: How to disconnect from myallocator

Contact our Support Team if you need assistance with the process.

Step 2 - Open rooms manually in your extranet
  1. Once your property is disconnected from, access the channel extranet, go to Rates & Availability and select the Open/close Rooms option
  2. Specify the dates to apply changes to
  3. Select the corresponding rooms and rate plans
  4. Select to open rooms
  5. Save your changes
Step 3 - Reconnect your property to

Once the closures have been removed, reestablish the connection making the mapping again, confirming the XML connection and sending a full refresh to have the channel fully updated, without any hard closures.

Follow the steps in this guide: How to connect to myallocator

All reservations confirmed while the property is disconnected from the channel manager, would need to be manually added to myallocator to avoid overbookings.

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