- Using Rate Plans to set multiple rates

Follow - Using Rate Plans to set multiple rates


Setting different rates for one room is what we refer to as "rate-plans". Not all channels support Rate Plans (like Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, and most other hostel-based channels).  Other channels do support Rate Plans (like Agoda, and other hotel-based channels).


NOTE: To set Rate Plans for all other channels, please read this article instead:


Rate Plan Examples

Some examples of Rate Plans that you may want to manage are:

  • Non Refundable
  • Specific Minimum Stay rates (5 night rate, 7 night rate, etc).
  • Occupancy-based rates, such as:
    • Price for 2 people
    • Price for 3 people
    • Price for 4 people
    • Price for 5 people
    • Etc.

Myallocator rate plan limitations

Myallocator is able to manage certain aspects of your rate plans as long as they are XML Enabled.  Our ability to manage the rate plans is limited to the following options:

  1. % plus or minus the "Default" rate plan.  
  2. Unique Minimum Length of Stay (for all dates)
  3. Unique Maximum Length of Stay (for all dates)

If you wish to manage other options, such as date-specific options, whole currency values, or anything not mentioned above, you will want to let continue to manage your rate plans on your behalf as described below.


What if I want to manage my rate plans/derived rates instead?

Yes, this is possible via extranet. To add derived rates, Accommodation Services team must first adjust your settings. You should contact your Account Manager or call support centre for further assistance.

The way it works is:  

1) In Myallocator you set standard rate for a room. 

2) You ask your Account Manager to create derived rates on the channel


In Myallocator you create a room for 3 guests and set the price 100 per night. You want to set special prices for different number of guests, so your Account Manager creates a rate plan.

Now you have the prices displayed on the channel for different number of guests:

3 guests: 100 (sent by Myallocator)

2 guests: 100-10=90 (set in

1 guest: 100-20=80 (set in

Please note, if you do not have this setup yet in, you need to ask your Account Manager for help in setting derived rates.  See below for more details

Asking your Account manager to setup Derived Rates

Reminder:  Only your account manager can setup these derived rate plans.  Please forward this to your account manager for setup of the derived rate plans.

The steps for the account manager to follow are below:


Setting myallocator to manage your Rate Plans

If you still wish for myallocator to manage your rate plans, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

  1. Contact your account manager, and ask him/her to set your rate plans as "XML Enabled for channel management".
    • This step must be completed by your account manager only - Myallocator is unable to assist in this process.  
    • If the rate plan(s) is/are not XML Enabled, we will not be able to manage them for you.  Instead, you will see an "Edit" button next to them like #1 below so that you can manage them in directly.
    • Once the desired rate plan is XML enabled, the Edit button will be removed, and myallocator can then manage the rate plan for you like #2 below

Step 2

Once the Rate Plan is XML Enabled, Login to Myallocator and follow the steps below:

  • Perform steps 1-5 below.
  • On Step #6, choose the rate plan that you want to base the other rate plans from.  In almost all cases, this will be the "Standard Rate".
  • Proceed to Step #8
  • On Step #8, specify how much you want this special rate plan to cost compared to your Standard rate plan.
  • On Step #9, specify what MinLOS you want applied to this rate plan.  Note:  If you choose "Same as Default Rate Plan", all of the MinLOS settings chosen on your Availability page will be applied to this rate plan as well.  If you choose a specific value instead, the MinLOS that you select will apply to ALL dates.
  • Step #10 is the same as Step #9, except it's for MaxLOS.
  • Finish Steps 11 through 15 to complete the Rate Plan selection process.



Verify the Rate Plans

After you have setup the rate plans as shown above, rate shop your property on to verify all of the rate plans are setup correctly.


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