- Using Rate Plans to set multiple rates


Setting different rates for one room is what we refer to as - rate-plans. Please check the instructions below to see how to set up rate plans at extranet and how map on your myallocator account.

Myallocator rate plan limitations

Myallocator is able to manage certain aspects of your rate plans as long as they are XML Enabled (further information below).  Our ability to manage the rate plans is limited to the following options:

  1. % plus or minus the Default rate plan
  2. Unique Minimum / Maximum Length of Stay (for all dates)

If you wish to manage other options, such as date-specific options, currency values, or anything not mentioned above, you will want to let continue to manage your rate plans on your behalf.

Some examples of Rate Plans that you may want to manage:

  • Non Refundable
  • Specific Minimum Stay rates (5 night rate, 7 night rate, etc)

How to Set Up

Step 1 - Verify if the rate plan has the XML option enabled or not

Access your Calendar page:

Pousada São Jorge · Calendar - Google Chrome

On the following example the property has 2 different rate plans:

  • Standard - XML rate plan
  • Non-Refundable - Not XML rate plan

You can identify them by looking at the label next to the rate plan name

Pousada São Jorge · Calendar - Google Chrome

If the rate plan is not XML, myallocator will not be able to manage the rate plan (rates and availability), but you will still receive reservations through the channel manager.

How to Proceed to switch from Not XML to XML enabled?

Contact your Account Manager, and ask them to set your rate plans as XML Enabled for channel management. Once it's done, you can check the Step 2.

Only your Account Manager can set up derived rate plans for you

Step 2 - Myallocator Rate Plan Mapping

Log in to your myallocator account

  1. Access channels page
  2. Access mapping by clicking on Setup Completed
  1. Click on Next up to the Rate Selection step as shown below:

Choose the rate plan that you want to base the other rate plans from. In almost all cases, this will be the Standard Rate. Then, click Next.

  1. On the Channel-specific Option step, specify how much you want the rate plan to cost compared to your Standard rate plan
  2. Specify what Minimum/maximum length of stay you want applied to this rate plan
  • Same as Default Rate Plan: all of the minimum and maximum length of stay settings chosen on your availability page will be applied to this rate plan as well
  • A specific value: the Minimum/maximum length of stay that you select will apply to ALL dates

Since the rate plan is XML enabled, you can not edit the rate plan on your extranet anymore - myallocator will manage it for you now.

After you have set up the rate plans, we suggest you rate shop your property on to verify all of the rate plans are set up correctly.

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