How to add Breakfast Inclusive / Exclusive Option


For several channels, including CTrip, HRS, Reconline, TripAdvisor, and, it is important to know whether nightly rates include or exclude breakfast. Check below on how to set up this option.

Once you login on your myallocator account, click Manage, then General Details (1). Under Breakfast section (2), choose the best option for Breakfast

  • Not Available
  • Included in Bed/Room Price
  • Exclusive (Extra Charge)

Click on UPDATE once you finish.

Note that this setting only affects rates being sent to the following channels: CTrip, HRS, Reconline, TripAdvisor, and This setting does not affect rates set in BookNow or other connected channels.

Full Refresh

After you are finished updating this information, remember to do a full-refresh under the "availability" section to apply these settings.

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