How to update or reset your Credit Card Password


Credit Card Passwords allow you to view the details of credit cards imported to Myallocator from the OTAs and booking engines. Follow the instructions below to reset your Credit Card Password if you need to change it for any reason.

Things to Note:

  • REQUIREMENTS FOR PASSWORD: different from your login password, at least 8 characters long, contains at least 1 letter, contains at least 1 digit, Contains at least 1 special character (eg.: # $ % . _)
  • We only save credit card details for these channels: BookNow, Agoda, Atraveo, BookNow App,, CTrip, Expedia, Hotusa, HotelTravel, Keytel, Lastminute, ODIGEO Connect, Restel, TripAdvisor.
  • Newly set password is valid for 1 year. You will see the date of the password expiration on the Credit Card Password page in Myallocator.
How to Update a Credit Card Password

Updating a credit card password is only possible if you know your current password. If you forgot your password and want to reset it, follow the instructions from section 'How to Reset Credit Card Password' below

Login to your Myallocator account
1. Click Manage and go to 'Credit Card Password' page
2. Enter your old password
3. Enter new password
4. Confirm new password (enter it again)
5. Click 'UPDATE'  

How to Reset a Credit Card Password

In case you forgot your credit card password you may easily reset it by following the steps below

Due to security reasons, the password can now only be reset if the email address has not been changed in the last 72h (3 days). Otherwise, you will need to wait for 3 days after changing the email address to reset the credit card password.

Login to your myallocator account
1. Go to Manage tab
2. Open 'Credit Card Password' page
3. Scroll down to 'Reset Password' section
4. Check the box 'I confirm that I would like to reset my credit card password'
5. Click 'RESET NOW'

6. Check the email registered as a "Contact" under 'Email Addresses' tab. You will see the message called 'Credit card password reset has been requested.'
Open it and click the button 'PROCEED WITH CREDIT CARD PASSWORD RESET' which will redirect you back to Myallocator.

If you didn't change the email and you don't see an email in your Inbox, please make sure you're checking the correct mail box, including the spam folder.

7. In Myallocator enter new password
8. Confirm new password

Once set, will receive an email to complete the reset by re-encrypting the credit card details. You will see the following message in Myallocator if the password was reset correctly ..

..and will receive an email after the Myallocator team has completed re-encrypting the credit card details (may take up to 30 min).

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