HRS: Your breakfast setting on the channel doesn't match the breakfast setting in the channel manager


Background Information:

When setting up your HRS account, there is a setting that you specify regarding your Breakfast options for each year that you are marketed on HRS.  The breakfast options selected in HRS must be compatible with the settings that you choose in myallocator.  Otherwise, you will receive an error that looks like this:



HRS Problem

HRS Problem

To correct this issue, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Verify your breakfast settings in your HRS Extranet


The HRS breakfast types are:

  • Meals Not Available
  • American
  • Buffet
  • Standard/Continental

Please note: The Breakfast options must match for EVERY year listed.  If there is a mismatch in any of the years shown, you must edit the Breakfast Options so that they all match.

Compatible Breakfast Settings

Here are the possible matches between HRS and myallocator:


Compatible Breakfast Settings

Step 2: Update the Breakfast settings in myallocator to match a value in the table above

Step 3: Send a Full Refresh

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