Connecting to

Follow has a very specific activation process that must be followed verbatim. If you have problems with the process, please contact your account manager for assistance, as we are unable to initiate this process for you (it's a security measure with

Step 1. If you do not have an account yet with, click here to setup your property with them first:

Step 2. Login to

The first step is to login to your extranet.  This is because requires the connection process to start on their side.

  2. Enter your property username
  3. Enter your property password

Note: If you have forgotten your extranet login, please contact customer support directly.

Step 3. Locate the Channel Manager link on your extranet

Warning: There are two versions of the Extranet

Depending on the version of Extranet you have, you may or may not have the Channel Manager option.  Read below for full instructions.

Full Extranet

This extranet is the full version that typically provides.  If your extranet looks like this, click:

  1. Account
  2. Channel Manager

Light Extranet

With this version of's extranet, many features are not availalble, including the Channel Manager link.

If you have this version, and the Channel Manager link is not available, STOP.  You must upgrade your extranet version.


  1. Send an email to your Account Manager
  2. Ask him/her to upgrade your Extranet version to the Full version that includes channel management
  3. Once your extranet has been upgraded, proceed with the steps above.

Step 4. Select myallocator as your channel manager

Once you click "Channel Manager" the next step is to select myallocator as your channel manager of choice.

Once the request has been submitted, you will need to follow the below steps to ensure the connection is correctly enabled.

Click Start

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Choose myallocator (313)

Select Full connection (two-way)

Once you have selected myallocator, choose "Full connection (two-way)"

Step 5. Accept the Agreement

To complete the request of connection, accept and agree to the Terms and Cconditions by clicking on Accept. At this time, you will be receiving the Contract by email.

Step 6. Provider confirmation

Upon your request of connection, you receive a notification email along with the contract  XML Signup Agreement with Booking.pdf. The channel manager receives as well an email notification with your data and will confirm you back once all the settings have been completed. After that, you will receive an email as below

You can check the status of the request from extranet under the Channel manager link at any time.

Step 7. Wait for myallocator to accept the connection

Once you submit the request, myallocator will confirm the connection within one business day.

Step 8. Confirm the Connection

Once the request of connection has been confirmed from the myallocator side, you receive an email asking to complete the activation as below.

  1. Click Here to confirm the connection.
  1. Click on ‘I confirm the connection with Test provider’. The connection will be enabled.

Step 9. The connection is Active

The connection is now live. You are required, based on the settings agreed with your channel manager, to send a full refresh of rates & availability to make the property available for selling.

Step 10. Finish the setup process inside of myfrontdesk

Read the instructions located here to finish the connection: Connect Your Channels and map your rooms

Please note:

Once the connection is complete, all updates of Rates, Availabilities and Restrictions need to be sent to exclusively through myallocator. Manual entries are no longer possible on's extranet. Rates & Availability grids will only be visible for monitoring and conformity checks.

Have more questions? Contact Support