I don't see rates for my Hotelbeds bookings - why?


I don't see rates for my Hotelbeds bookings - why?




For most HotelBeds booking we show the price, but they sometimes have bookings (for certain rateplans) where they don't send us the rate.  In these cases we also can't show them because we did not receive the rates.


Hotelbeds Response:

Once the hotel is connected through BMS all reservations are sent from our side to the Channel Manager. When a reservation is made, it uses the rate configured in the contract (agreed previously between Hotel-Hotelbeds Destination Office).


From our side there are two ways in order to send the booking rate:


· Set a determined rate (one of the rates configured in the contract).

· Use the NRATE (free rate) rate, setting a free amount.


When one booking comes and the rate used is the NRATE the Channel Manager receives the amount set for that day and room, however if the reservation uses a determined rate, the amount won’t be showed.




In cases where there are no rates listed for a Hotelbeds booking, please login to your Hotelbeds Extranet page to verify the rate.

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