I need to change the Orbitz Change Code


I need to change the Orbitz Change Code

Background Information:

A chain code is part of the authentication that we send to Orbitz to do updates. We don't set it manually, but instead it gets retrieved during the room mapping.

Action Required:

Once the new chain code is live, you must remap the rooms within Myallocator for the Orbitz Channel:

How to Setup Channels

  • Once you login, click Manage and setup channels on the left.
  • This will give you a list of channels to select from.
  • Select the channel that you want to setup, and enter the username and password that you have established with that channel account.
  • Once you do, myallocator will pull the rooms that you have already created on that channel, and allow you to map those rooms to the rooms you just setup on myalloctor in Step #1.
  • Once you hit next you will be given the option to select an optional rate difference. This can be setup in a currency amount, or a percentage amount. The most common example of a rate difference is when a channel expects NET rates instead of SELL rates. In this case I want the channel to have the same pricing so I choose Zero and click next.
  • Here you will see the features available for the channel that you just setup.
  • Once you finish, you’ll be able to see that setup for the channel has been completed successfully.

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