How to correct an unmapped room



An unmapped room means that the room doesn't get updated by the channel manager, and therefore availability is never reduced or closed out.  Please check the mappings of the rooms to find out if you need to re-map the rooms.

Step 1: Go to Channel Setup for the Channel you need to update

Step 2: Compare the Room Setup

When comparing the room setup, it's important that you make sure the number of rooms on the left (Channel Manager) matches the number of rooms on the right (channel rooms).

If you have more rooms on the right (channel rooms) than on the left, this will leave the extra channel room(s) as unmapped, which means we cannot manage them for you.

If any channel rooms are left unmapped, we will not be able to manage the inventory or rates for those rooms, which will lead to overbookings.

Step 3: Add additional myallocator rooms if required

If you don't have enough myallocator rooms configured (as shown above), go to the Room Setup and add another room.

See this article for instructions for Setting up Rooms.


Step 4: Perform a Full Refresh

Once you have mapped all rooms correctly, please perform a "Full Refresh" from the Availability Page:

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