How do I cancel myallocator account?


In order to cancel / suspend your myallocator account properly, several steps must be performed. If any of these steps are not taken properly, it may result in overbookings, improper rates or other undesired results on your channels.

Note that our team is unable to cancel your account for you, but you can cancel it within the system using the instructions below.

After your request is processed, you will no longer be able to log into the application. Take care to export any data you want to keep before clicking Confirm account cancellation.

Step 1: Turn off "Download Bookings"

  1. Access your myallocator account and click on General Details
  2. Turn off the Download new bookings from channels option

Step 2: Turn off Automatic Adjustments

  1. Access your Automatic Adjustments tab
  2. Disable the Automatic Adjustments option

Step 3: Disable ALL the Channels in myallocator

Perform this step for each of the channels that show Setup completed on the Setup Channels screen.

  1. Access Channels tab
  2. Click on each channel with Setup Completed status

3. Click to Disable each channel

4. Click on OK to confirm

  • Rates and Availability will stop updating and new bookings will not be imported to myallocator
  • Make sure to disable myallocator in the channel extranet, check Step 5 for further details

Step 4: Cancel your Billing Profile

Follow this step carefully to discontinue the billing of your Credit Card or PayPal account

  1. Access Billing tab
  2. Click Click Here to access your Billing Portal
  1. Click Account and select Cancel Account
  1. Read the warning message carefully and click I Agree
  1. If you have a group account, specify members of your group, you're planning to cancel
  2. Enter a Cancellation Reason
  1. Click Request Cancellation

Your Cancellation Request has been sent!

Myallocator support team will review and process your cancellation request within 48 business hours.

Step 5: Deactivate myallocator with all of your OTA's

This is the most crucial step of all! If you do not perform this step, you will be unable to manage your rates and inventory on your channel sites.

Contact all of your channels (OTA's) and inform them that you have deactivated myallocator as your Channel Manager.

  • If you do not inform all of your channels that you have cancelled Myallocator, your availability and rates will still be available from your most recent myallocator update on your Extranet sites (such as,,, etc)
  • You must cancel the connection to myallocator directly on your channels before you can manage your rates and availability on the channel again
  • Myallocator cannot disable the connection on the channel side for you. Only you (as the property owner) can contact the channels to disable myallocator from their side.
  • If you have questions on how to disable myallocator on the Channel/OTA side - contact your channel's support directly

To disconnect your myallocator account from, you must login to the property extranet and follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your extranet with your property username and password

2. Click Account
3. Select Connectivity Provider


4. Click to Deactivate the connection

Step 6: PMS Users: Disconnect your PMS from myallocator

If you have a PMS, you must have them remove the connection to Myallocator.

Myallocator is unable to terminate the connection to your PMS from our system.

You must contact your PMS directly if you need help to deactivate the link from your PMS to Myallocator.

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