Myallocator Booking Notifications - Everything you need to know


In many cases, the channel (OTA) will still send the booking confirmation email to your property directly.  For some channels however, they require that myallocator sends the booking confirmations to you directly. Please, check the article below for more details about it.

How to set an email address for booking confirmations and General Contact?

In order to set up your email address for Booking confirmations and general contact, please follow the steps below.

  1. Access your myallocator account
  2. Click on 'Manage'
  3. Access 'Emails' tab
  4. On this page, you have the following options:
    • Contact: general information about your account and myallocator
    • Booking Confirmations: booking emails
    • Option to Send confirmations: this option allows you to disable booking confirmation emails. This can be useful if you already receives emails through your PMS
    • BookNow Confirmations: booking emails from BookNow app

Please note:

  • We only send out confirmations for the following channels:, Expedia, HotelBeds, Reconline, TripAdvisor, Best Day
  • You can only set one email address for each email type
Can myallocator send an email to my guests when a booking is made?

Myallocator can only send booking confirmation emails to guests when they are booked through the BookNow application.  When a guest books through another Channel, myallocator is not allowed/able to send emails directly to those guests.

If you intend to send emails to your guests with extra information, you will need to email them from your email system when confirming the booking in myallocator.

Can I set more than one email address for confirmations?

Sadly, that's not currently possible.  If you want to receive booking confirmations at more than one address, we recommend that you use your email system to "forward" those emails to your additional email address.

Also, you are able to set distinct email addresses for your Contact Information, Booking Confirmations, and BookNow Confirmations.

I'm not receiving booking confirmations. Why?

Issue #1

We only send out emails on behalf of:

  • Expedia
  • Tripadvisor Instant Booking
  • HotelBeds
  • Reconline
  • BestDay

These channels disable emailing upon connection with a channel manager. All other channels will email you directly, so for any problems with email delivery please check with the channel's support team.

Note: the channels above discontinue (stop) sending booking confirmations to the property once they are connected to a channel manager.  That is why myallocator must send the confirmations to you instead of the channel.

Issue #2

We only send out booking modification notifications for "important" changes, like a change of total cost, start/end date, number of units and items like these. To avoid sending out too many unnecessary emails only key detail changes are sent out.


If only the name of the customer changes, we will not send out a modification email.

Issue # 3 Amazon Suppression List

If the previous two solutions didn't help you, it is possible that your email address has been placed on the email suppression list.  This can happen if detects a hard bounce from your email address within the past 14 days.  A hard bounce can occur for a variety of reasons (perhaps your email system was overloaded, changed, your inbox was full, or had some other problem).  


For customers whose email addresses are added to the suppression list, there is a manual process we must follow to have it re-instated.  Please email us with your bookings email address and we will attempt to have it re-instated for you.

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