Expedia Error: Some settings exceed the Extranet auto-approval threshold



Many channels implement rules (thresholds) for values that are set in their extranet.  This is so that they can ensure the information presented to potential guests is accurate.

In most cases, the limitation is on the low side of the price, meaning it believes you have set a rate that is too low - The error will appear when you submit a Full Refresh.

Some examples of threshold data are:

  • Minimum Length of Stay settings
    • Example: MinLos of 30 nights will typically be rejected
  • Rates
    • Example: Extremely low or high rates may be rejected

This limits are set directly in your channel account (it's set by your channel account manager).  These are NOT a limitation coming from myallocator.


When this occurs, there are only two solutions:

Raise the rates, or contact your Expedia account manager to remove the pricing limitation. 

Until this is done, myallocator cannot adjust your inventory on Expedia, which may cause overbookings, incorrect pricing and availability, etc.

Go ahead and contact your account manager to have them adjust these thresholds.  

This threshold can be removed only by your Expedia account manager

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