How do I connect to Tripadvisor's Tripconnect Cost Per Click?


How do I connect to Tripadvisor's Tripconnect Cost Per Click?


Myallocator currently connects to Tripadvisor via the "Cost Per Click" integration.  This integration allows your property's booking page to be displayed to customers when they are shopping for rates, and directs them to your booking engine directly when they click your page on their results.  Tripadvisor charges your property a "cost per click" fee whenever this link is clicked by the customer.

In order to connect myallocator to Tripadvisor's Cost Per Click campaign, please follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you want to setup Tripadivsor's InstantBooking, please see this article instead:  How to connect TripAdvisor Instantbooking with myallocator

Step 1: Login to tripadvisor for business


Step 2: Access the TripConnect Cost-Per-Click Campaigns


Step 3:  Check Your Eligibility

Note: If you are not eligible, please contact Tripadvisor directly, as myallocator is unable to change your eligiblity for Tripadvisor's Tripconnect.


Step 4:  Get Connected to myallocator


Step 5:  Tripadvisor confirmation

Tripadvisor will display the confirmation below.

Their message will indicate that your property is not included in their inventory yet.

Follow the steps below in myallocator to complete the connection.


Step 6: Enable BookNow in myallocator

BookNow is how Tripadvisor pulls your inventory from our Database - it must be enabled for Tripadvisor's Cost Per Click campaing to find your property.

  1. Click Manage
  2. BookNow
  3. Go to Setup
  4. Enable = On
  5. Scroll down to bottom and click Save

Step 6: Enter your Tripadvisor details in your myallocator account

The details entered on this page are crucial in connecting your myallocator property to the Tripadvisor Cost Per Click campaign.


Step 7: Enable TripConnect


Step 8:  Wait 48 business Hours

  • Once your have completed steps 1 through 6 above, the property information will be sent over to Tripadvisor for integration into your Cost Per Click campaign.
  • The integration takes 48 hours to complete on Tripadvisor's side.
  • After 48 hours, your property listing should be available to customers when booking online, and they will be presented with the option of booking directly on your booking website.



If your property is not listed after 48 hours

In some cases, there may be an integration issue that prevents your property from being listed on the Cost Per Click Campaign.  

If your property does not show up after 48 hours, please create a ticket with the following information:

  1. Your property name
  2. Your myallocator username
  3. Your Tripadvisor Property ID
  4. What date you updated the General Details in myallocator

We will then escalate the problem directly to Tripadvisor on your behalf.


Note: TripConnect downloads a list from us once a day with all properties that have BookNow enabled. They then use the details we transmit to them to match them to their own list of properties. If the details do not match, that could be the cause of the property not being listed.

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