Is it possible to modify the BookNow application, such as removing the room names?


Yes, it is possible to modify the BookNow application through the use of a Custom Style Sheet (web programming skills required).


Some examples are:  

  • Changing the color of the BookNow widget to match your branding
  • Altering the size of the BookNow widget
  • Any other alterations that CSS supports
All of these modifications are achieved by uploading your own Custom Stylesheet.  You will need to consult a web designer to make these modifications.  All of the information the web designer needs to make these changes can be found on the BookNow Settings Page under the Custom Styling section.  Once the web designer has created your custom stylesheet, upload it as shown below.


Note:  It's not possible to release the translation files, as they are global for all customers. It's also not possible to change the labels via CSS.

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