Is it possible to close rooms to outside channels and only sell them on BookNow?


This is definitely possible, and it's a really cool feature!  Here's what you do:

Step 1: Close the rooms in myallocator

You can do this through Availability - Set Long Term - Closed - Set.  It looks like below.

Step 2: Repeat for all desired rooms and dates

Repeat Step 1 for all your rooms, and all the dates you want to close to the outside channels.

Step 3: Full Refresh

Step 4: Set the Closed Days option in BookNow

That's it!

Now, all of your closed rooms will be unavailable in the external channels (such as, Expedia, etc).  But they will still be available to book on your BookNow pages/widget.


NOTE: Not all channels support the close feature

Please refer to the channel features document to see which channels do not support sending the closed value. For those channels you will need to remove the rooms manually or work with the channel to not sell those rooms. 


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