When mapping rooms from ReservationKey, do I choose "One to One" or "Room Type"?



This is an excellent question.  Since almost all channels sell room "types" rather than "individual rooms" we always recommend setting up Room Types in Myallocator, and then mapping those same Room Types to both your channels and your PMS.

Step 1: Setup your Rooms in Myallocator as "Room Types"

If you need instructions on how to setup Rooms, please visit this article:  How To Setup Rooms


When you setup rooms in Myallocator, it is recommended that you create Room Types, rather than Individual Rooms.

Recommended Example

In this Recommended example, you will see that I have two Standard Queen rooms in my hotel.  

Under the recommended setting, I create a Room "Type" called Standard Queen, and state that I have 2 of those rooms:

Not Recommended

In this example that is Not Recommended, you will see that I have created individual rooms for each of the Queen Rooms and given them separate Labels (Standard Queen 1 and Standard Queen 2).

The reason for the recommended room types again is that the channels sell a "Standard Queen" room, and they do not specify which room (1 or 2) that is for sale.  Your PMS will insert the guest into the proper Queen room (1 or 2) based on which one is available.  In Myallocator, we work like the channels - we are only setting Availability, so we do not need to separate the rooms out from each other.

Step 2: How to map in ReservationKey

Step 3: Send a Full Refresh within myallocator

Step 3:  Send a Full Refresh within myallocator
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