I can't select a channel manager in my booking.com extranet.


Various Booking.com Extranets

It's important to realize that booking.com has several extranets, each with different screens.  

Here is a summary:


Classic Extranet

This extranet is the standard version that the booking.com documentation below applies to.  If your extranet looks like this, you can follow the attached booking.com instructions below.


Plus Extranet

With this version of booking.com's extranet, the menus and layout are different from the Classic Version.

If you have this version of the extranet, the steps to connect are the same but the layout will appear slightly different:


Light Extranet

With this version of booking.com's extranet, many features are not avaialable, including the Channel Manager link.

If you have this version, and the Channel Manager link is not available, you must upgrade your booking.com extranet version.


Please contact your booking.com Account Manager (NOT booking.com customer service) and ask to upgrade your Extranet version to the Classic version.  Once you have been upgraded, you can proceed with choosing a channel manager.

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