BookNow Rates - why do the Private Rooms show prices per Person instead of per Room?


On the Room Selection screen, the BookNow rates will be displayed at the rate of "Person Per Day" even for Private Rooms. Check the following explanation to understand better.

If a customer selects a Private Room, the BookNow will display the original rate to the customer by person, and will force them to choose the correct occupancy in the "Persons" drop-down list.

Please check the following example:

  1. Room type: 'Standard Double Room' is a 3-person Private room
  2. The 'Person per day' rate is shown as BRL 16.67
Manage - BookNow - - Google Chrome

Once the guest selects the correct Occupancy, the 'Person Per Day' rate will be multiplied by the total occupancy of the room and therefore the full price of the room will be displayed as the 'Day Price' on the 'Booking Overview' page.

  1. Since the room's occupancy is set at '3 people', the final price shown on the Booking Overview page will be calculated as BRL 16.67 X 3 = 50.00
Manage - BookNow - - Google Chrome

We have received a few requests to display the full rate of the room (Day Price) to the customer at the very beginning on the Room Selection screen. We plan to implement that change on the next version of BookNow. Currently, BookNow is limited to displaying the "Person Per Day" rate as demonstrated above.

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