MinLOS (minimum length of stay settings) are not matching in Hostelworld - why?


MinLOS (minimum length of stay settings) are not matching in Hostelworld - why?

There are a two potential reasons why the MinLOS settings do not match between myallocator and Hostelworld.  This article will explain these situations and help you resolve this problem.

Reason 1: You may have "Other Minimum Nights" still setup in your Hostelworld Extranet

If you have setup "Other Minimum Nights" in Hostelworld, those settings will still be applied and will override anything set in myallocator.

To determine if you have "Other Minimum Nights" setup, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Login to Hostelworld


Step 2: Select Property Setup

Note: If you are a power user of multiple properties, be sure to select the specific property that you want to manage


Step 3: Microsite Content


Step 4: Policies


Step 5:  Analyze the Minimum Nights listed, and edit/delete the ones you need to change

In the example below, we see several date ranges that have Minimum nights set.  It is recommended that you delete all of these settings so that you can manage your MinLOS directly in myallocator.  Otherwise, anything listed here will override what is set in your Availability screen on myallocator.

  1. Click Delete to remove the MinLos setting
  2. Repeat for each Item/Line
  3. Be sure to click "Next" to remove all entries.

Reason 2: One MinLOS setting per day restriction

If the steps above do not solve your problem, please be aware of the following limitation:

Hostelworld and Hostelbookers only support setting one minimum stay per day for all rooms.  Unless you have the same minimum stay for all rooms for a single day it's possible that it's set to the wrong minimum stay. The last room that is updated basically "wins" the minimum stay setting. To avoid this make sure all rooms have the same minimum stay for any given day.


  • Room 1 has a MinLOS of 3
  • Room 2 has a MinLOS of 5

When the information is sent to Hostelworld and/or Hostelbookers, there can only be one MinLOS that is accepted.  Depending on which room is sent last, the MinLOS sent to Hostelworld for BOTH rooms will either be 3 or 5.  This is a limitation of the integration with Hostelworld and Hostelbookers.

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