Hotelbeds Contracts Information and selection


Background Information:


Some Hotelbeds properties have multiple contracts associated with their Extranet.  Each contract has a unique Hotel code that we need to use to identify the property. Some properties have one account with hotelbeds with different contracts and multiple Myallocator properties, so we need to differentiate by contract.


The Hotelbeds contracts are setup and managed directly in Hotelbeds, and we can only update rates and availability for one contract per account.  Also, we can only download bookings for one of them as well, so it's important to choose the correct Hotelbeds contract that you want myallocator to manage for your property.


The contract selection screen looks like this in the Hotelbeds mapping process:


In this example, the property has three (3) Hotelbeds contracts.  

Only one contract can be selected for myallocator to manage.

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