Working with HRS Room Types and Rates


This article discusses the types of HRS rooms that myallocator can manage, as well as the setup requirements for each of those rooms types.

Understanding HRS Room Types

Room types supported by myallocator

Currently, myallocator can only manage the following HRS room types:

  • Single Room
  • Double Room
  • 3-bed room
  • 4-bed room
  • Comfort/Superior Double or Single room
  • Budget/Economy Double or Single room
  • Junior Suite

Primary versus Secondary Room Types

The following Room Types are considered Primary Room types, meaning they define the "base rate" for all other rooms:

  • Single Room
  • Double Room

All other Room Types are Secondary rooms, and their rates are derived from the Primary Rooms only.

Secondary Room Types:

  • 3-bed room
  • 4-bed room
  • Comfort/Superior Double or Single room
  • Budget/Economy Double or Single room


Let's say you have the following rooms marketed in HRS:

  1. Double Room
  2. Comfort/Superior Double Room

When managing these rooms in myallocator, you must create separate room types for both of these rooms, such as:

  1. When setting Rates in HRS for the Primary Rooms, the rates loaded in the Availability page here are sent to HRS
  2. When setting Rates in HRS for the Secondary Rooms, the rates loaded in the Availability page here are Ignored

Instead of using the rates in the Availability screen, the HRS system will determine the rate based on the Surcharge set in the HRS options screen.

HRS does not allow myallocator to send 0.00 as the "Surcharge" rate, they always require a rate difference for the Surcharge.  

In the event 0.00 is entered as the Surcharge, myallocator will send 0.01 instead.


In this case, the surcharge is set to 0.00, so the rate for the Comfort Double will be 0.01 higher than the normal Double Room.

Mapping Problems

Mapping only a Secondary Room Type

Due to the Primary and Secondary room types, it's required that you always map a Primary Room.  If you map only a Secondary Room type as shown below, we will be unable to manage your Rates for that room type:

Solution A: Always map a Primary room type

Instead of mapping only a Secondary Room Type, one option is to always map the Primary First, then the Secondary:

Solution B: Manage Rates in the HRS Extranet for the Secondary only room

If you choose for myallocator not to manage your Primary room, you can always set the rates for the Secondary room in the HRS Extranet.

In this example, you would manage the rates for the "Economy/Budget Double Room" in the HRS Extranet.  Myallocator would still manage your Available inventory, but the rate must be managed in HRS directly.  

A Secondary Room Type is not listed in the HRS channel setup

If you have a Secondary Room type listed above, but it does not appear in the HRS channel setup, it means that you have the missing room setup as "Shared Availability" inside the HRS extranet.

*Note: This limitation only applies to the Secondary Rooms (not the Primary Rooms).

Solution: Change the Secondary Room to "Separate Availability"

Myallocator can only manage Secondary rooms that are setup as "Separate Availability".  If you want myallocator to manage the room for you, please ask your HRS account manager to change the room to "Separate Availability".

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