Can I charge a different price for single occupancy versus other occupancies on a private room?


In Myallocator, we can set two types of Rates:

1. Single Use Rate

2. Rate


The Single Use Rate is the price for your room when only one person books the room.  Only certain channels allow us to set a Single Use Rate.  Other channels will ignore this rate.

Channels that currently support single use rates are: Orbitz, ClearTrip, Goibibo, LastMinute,,, / Despegar, Tomas,, Atrapalo, BestDay, Agoda, Reconline, Traveloka, MakeMyTrip, BBPlanet, Ostrovok, Expedia (OBP pricing only), BookVisit, Atraveo, HotelTravel, GTA, TripAdvisor.

The "Rate" is the price for the full occupancy of the room.



  • Room:  Standard Queen
  • Rate for full occupancy:  100
  • Single Use Rate:  90
In the example above, the property is choosing to discount the Single Use Rate if just one person books the room.   This is how it looks in Myallocator:


You will notice that we are unable to set other occupancy rates, such as for 3 people, 4 people, 5 people, etc.  The "Rate" is considered the "Full Occupancy" rate, and the only other rate we can set is for Single Use.  


Since Myallocator cannot set rates for other occupancies, can I do that directly on the channels?

The answer is Yes - for those channels that support Rate Plans.  Not all channels support Rate Plans (like Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, and most other hostel-based channels).  Other channels do support Rate Plans (like Agoda, and other hotel-based channels). 


For - please review this article that discusses how to use Rate Plans for specifically.  



For all other channels, please review this article:  



How do occupancy prices work with the BookNow widget?


The example below shows the different prices for the "Single Use" rate versus the regular "Rate".


In this example, 1 person is booking the "Private 2 person" room at a rate of $30.00 for Single Use.  The "Total" will be 30.00 since it is just for one person.







In this example, 2 people are booking the "Private 2 person" room (full occupancy) at the standard "Rate" of 50 for both people combined.



Again, Myallocator can only update two "Occupancy-based" rates - the full occupancy "Rate" and the "Single Use Rate".  We hope to add more support for other occupancy rates soon.

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