How To Integrate BookNow with Facebook


You can now start to take bookings directly on Facebook with our BookNow app for Facebook. To get started first setup and enable bookings in the BookNow settings . Once you're happy with the setup you can follow the easy instructions below to add BookNow to Facebook. To see this app in action head to our Facebook page.

Current Limitations:

Facebook only allows "Tabs" on Fan pages with more than 2000 fans. Therefore BookNow for Facebook will only work for pages exceeding this number.

Integration Process

Step 1: Create Facebook Fan Page (if you don't have it already)

Go to

1. Select page type (local business is recommended for properties)

2. Fill in the information about your property and click 'Get Started'

3. Complete the setup steps and save the info

4. This is how your page will look:

5. Stay logged in as fan page administrator

Step 2: Integrating BookNow into Facebook

1. Go to myallocator and click 'Manage'

2. Open 'BookNow' page

3. Click 'Go to Facebook Integration'

4. Click the button 'Add BookNow app to Facebook'

5. In pop-up window select your hotel fan page and click 'Add Page Tab'

6. On your Facebook fan page click 'More'

7. Click 'BookNow'

8. Notification will say that BookNow is not configured yet. Click on alert 'Please configure it here'

9. Paste BookNow link-up key

*you may find it in myallocator>BookNow>Integration with Facebook

10. Click Save

11. BookNow is now setup!

Have more questions? Contact Support