Setting Base Rate Adjustments


Setting Base Rate Adjustments

When setting up your channels, you have the ability to set Channel-Specific Rate Differences for each channel.  For example, if you want one channel to have a 5% rate discount compared to other channels, you would enter - 5% for each room.  The same applies for higher rates.

The Rate Differences can be set in a Percentage Amount or a Fixed Currency Amount.

Step 1: Go to Channel Setup


Step 2: Map the Rooms


Step 3: Set the Rate Difference

  1. Select the percenatage or fixed amount.
  2. Enter the value (eg. 5%)
  3. Hit NEXT to confirm
  4. NOTE:  If you need to calculate the rate difference for taxes (such as for Orbitz or any other channel that expects Net rates instead of Sell Rates) please consult this article:  How should I handle taxes in myallocator?



Step 4: Send a Full Refresh

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