How to add and remove multiple properties in your myallocator account


This article will show you how to add, manage, and remove additional properties from your myallocator account.  Using this feature, you can manage multiple properties from one single myallocator login.

As a reminder, you must have a myallocator property for each property that you have listed on the channels.

Each myallocator property can only manage one corresponding property on a channel. This ensures that rates and availability are properly synced across multiple websites and systems and is not something that can be changed.

Add new property

Step 1: Select Add new property

Step 2: Specify your property options on the next page

Step 3: Setup your Rooms, Channels, and Rates/Availability

Follow the same steps that you took to setup your original property. You can use our Getting Started guide if you need any help along the way:  Getting started guide

Remove property from your account

Removing the property deletes the property from your account.

If you wish to separate the property from the account (for example when selling one of your properties) send a request to myallocator support explaining the situation and providing the new owner information.

Step 1: Select the property that you want to remove

Step 2: Select Remove

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