I can no longer update Hotel.de - why?


The channel Hotel.de has become obsolete.  HRS is the new name for this channel.  If you have already setup Hotel.de, you will need to discontinue using that channel, and instead use HRS.

Please follow the steps below to create and link your HRS account:

  1. Create your HRS account (if you have not already done so) at:  http://www.hrs.com/web3/showCmsPage.do?cid=53-3&pageId=partner
  2. Login to Myallocator, click Manage, then Setup Channels.

  3. Click HRS
  4. Enter the Hotel ID as shown below to request the activation of HRS with Myallocator

  5. Once confirmed, Myallocator will send you an email that HRS is ready to map the rooms
  6. Once your rooms are mapped, the channel setup is complete and you can use Myallocator to update HRS.
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