How to export the myallocator calendar to Google Calendar


This article will guide you on how to connect one-way calendar-based channels.

One-way connection means that we send a block TO the calendar once there is no availability for the specific room type, but it will not import any bookings.

Step 1. Myallocator Steps

Access your myallocator account:

  1. Click on Manage
  2. Go to Channels menu
  3. Click on 'Add Channel'
  1. Go to 'Others' and click on 'View Links'
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome
  1. Copy the Calendar link of the room

Step 2. Google Calendar Steps

Access your Google Calendar

  1. Click on 'Add Other Calendars'
  2. Select 'From URL'
Digital Arbitrage Inc. - Calendar - Monday, August 24, 2020, today - Google Chrome
  1. Paste myallocator calendar link from the previous step into URL field
  2. Click on 'Add Calendar'
Digital Arbitrage Inc. - Calendar - Add calendar by URL - Google Chrome

Repeat these steps for all your room types

  • This is a one-way integration, meaning that it will set the correct availability on those websites, but it won't import any bookings.
  • Please also note that booked out days will simply show an event with the message "Blocked Date", while days with availability will have no event.
  • This feature does not list which customer stays on which date.
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