Modified bookings show as "Canceled" in Expedia but show as "Modified" in myallocator



When an Expedia customer chooses to modify an existing reservation through Expedia, the Expedia Extranet page will display the original booking as "canceled".  In the Expedia Extranet, a new booking with a unique Booking ID is then generated.

However, when viewing the booking in myallocator, the original booking ID remains and is shown as "Modified" instead of "Canceled".

Additional Information

When we checked with Expedia, they confirmed to us that this behavior is by design.  They confirmed the following:

"It's normal that a booking appears as a cancellation in the Expedia backoffice and as a modification on the channel manager side".


Since the Availability (inventory) is still adjusted properly, there are no issues that result from this behavior.

We recommend that you use the original booking ID that is shown in myallocator to track these modified bookings.


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