How to connect Gomio with myallocator



Gomio is a popular channel based in Barcelona, Spain, and is focused on Hostel listings. The channel is popular with backpackers and other consumers seeking Hostel accommodations around the world.

To link Gomio and myallocator, you must first have a Gomio account. Click here to sign up

General inquiries:

Step 1: Enter Credentials

You will need your Username, Password, and Property Login to continue.

Step 1: Enter Credentials

Step 2: Map Your Rooms

Map your myallocator rooms on the left hand side to the rooms you have configured on Gomio, displayed on the right side.

Every room on Gomio MUST be mapped to a room in myallocator or disabled on Gomio, or you WILL face overbookings.

Step 2: Map Your Rooms

Enter the Channel-specific Rate Difference

If you want to adjust the base rate by a percentage or dollar amount for this channel only, enter that information here.

Enter the Channel-specific Rate Difference

You're Done!

Please note, Maximum Length of Stay and Closed for arrival OR departure will NOT transmit to Gomio.

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