Adding or changing a room in your property


Adding or changing a room in your property


When setting up rooms within myallocator, the rooms must be created so that they "match" or "mirror" the rooms on your channels (OTA's).  Room changes in myallocator do not push to your channels.  All rooms in myallocator must simply mirror what is already set in the channel.

If you make any room changes in a channel, those room changes will only be updated in the channel extranet.  After the changes are made in the channel, you must also make the associated changes within myallocator.  Once the rooms have been update din myallocator, you must then then redo the channel setup for that channel within myallocator.  


When adding or changing a room type in your property, please make sure to reflect this change across all your systems (PMS, channel manager, OTA's).


1. Create/change the same room type on all of your channel extranets.

2. If you are using a PMS, please create/change the new room type in your PMS.  If not, skip to Step #3.

3. Create/change the same room type on myallocator.

4. If using a PMS, map the room changes in your PMS to your new room type(s) in myallocator and sync rates and availability from your PMS to myallocator. If no PMS, skip to Step 5.

5. Within myallocator, go into the Channels menu for each connected channel and map the new room type(s) in myallocator to the new room type(s) on the channel. 

6. Go to the Availability page in myallocator and do a Full Refresh to all channels to upload rates and availability for a new room.

7. Check if rates and availability are showing correctly on the channels. 

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