What does the Acknowledge button do in the booking screen?


This article discusses what the 'Acknowledge' button does and does not do within myallocator.

  1. On your 'Bookings' page, you can filter your acknowledged reservations as shown below
Bookings - myallocator.com - Google Chrome
  1. When you open the reservation, you can see the following button

Changing the booking status to acknowledged is solely informational for you and will not change a status of the booking on the channel, nor will it send out any emails. Acknowledging a booking is optional.

Booking - After Check Out - myallocator.com - Google Chrome

How are bookings acknowledged on the channel (OTA) side?

Bookings are automatically acknowledged by almost all channels automatically when you are connected to a channel manager like myallocator. When a booking is made by a customer, you are required in almost all cases to accept the booking or else follow the channel's guidelines on relocation. If you have any questions about a specific booking, please contact the channel directly.

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