How To Connect Mybookings Account to Myallocator


Mybookings is Cloudbed's premium, commission-free booking engine for your website. It's extensively customizable, full-featured, and fully integrates with myallocator.

If you don't have an existing Mybookings account

Contact our support team if you don't have mybookings account yet.

Once support team authorizes Mybookings for you, you'll receive an automated e-mail with further information. Click on Set Up My Password:

once-our-customer-coach-team-authorizes-mybookings-for-you--you-ll-receive-an-automated-message-with.png (629×550) - Google Chrome

Set your password and click Confirm:

set-your-password-and-click-confirm.png (392×503) - Google Chrome

Go through the Getting Started walk-through and setup your new account:

  1. Click on SETUP GUIDE
  2. Watch the setup video
  3. Once the step is completed, you will see a green mark next to it

You can check your mybookings ID here in the link:

Ramblas Bacardi Apartments - Setup Guide - Google Chrome

Now check the instructions below to do the mapping in myallocator.

If you already have Mybookings account

Once support activated mybookings for you, you will be able to see it in the list of your channel connections:

  1. Go to Channels
  2. Select mybookings
  1. Your ID will be already there. Click Next and continue the mapping process:
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome
  1. Select your mybookings rooms from the drop-down that correspond to myallocator rooms and click NEXT when completed.

If you need help with room mapping, please consult our Room Mapping Guidelines.

Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome
  1. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type if needed. Click NEXT when completed or if you want to skip, leave it at zero.
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome
  1. You're done! Keep the box on this page checked to perform Full Refresh and send rates/availability from myallocator to mybookings.
Manage - Channels - - Google Chrome

Now you have MYBOOKINGS button on the top for a quick access:

Have more questions? Contact Support