How to connect Flipkey in the new Tripadvisor Dashboard with myallocator


How to setup Flipkey in the new Tripadvisor Dashboard

This article will step you through the process of setting up FLIPKEY to pull your Availability from myallocator and push it to the Tripadvisor Dassboard


  1. Flipkey does not support booking downloads to another source such as a channel manager.  Any bookings you receive in Flipkey must be accounted for by decreasing the room availability from the Availability page in myallocator manually.
  2. Flipkey (and all other calendar channels) do not support receiving rates from another source.  Rates must be entered directly in the Flipkey back office  
  3. Some properties have been upgraded to a combined dashboard for Tripadvisor Vacation Rentals that includes Flipkey, holidaylettings, and other vacation channels into one Dashsboard.  If you are using the old Flipkey account that does not have the integrated Dashboard, please view this article instead.

Step 1: Sign in to your Tripadvisor Rentals account


Step 2: Prepare to sync the Flipkey calendar with myallocator

  1. Click My Listings
  2. Click Manage Property
  3. Choose Calendar
  4. Edit Sync Settings
  5. Choose Other

Step 3: Obtain the myallocator URL for your Flipkey property


Step 4: Finish the setup at Tripadvisor/Flipkey

  1. Paste the URL from Step #3 above
  2. Give it a name (such as myallocator)
  3. Connect this calendar
  4. Click Refresh this Calendar to pull the inventory immediately
  5. Close the window
  6. Your calendar is now synced!
  7. Repeat steps above for each room in your property

Additional Information

  1. Repeat the steps above for any other rooms/beds/properties that you want myallocator to manage for you.
  2. This connection only pulls dates in to your calendar; it won't push bookings, rates, or any other updates to myallocator.
  3. Any bookings that you receive in Flipkey must be accounted for by manually adjusting the Availability in myallocator on the Availability page.
  4. Rates must be entered directly in Flipkey.
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