Agoda - Rate plan selection and specific options


Agoda - Rate plan selection and specific options

Agoda - Rate plan

Myallocator can update availability for only one rate plan. In the menu below please select the Rate Plan which will then be updated with availability and prices from Availability page in myallocator.

NOTE:  Agoda will only accept Rate and Availability updates for the rate plan selected.  You will have to manually manage all Rate and Availability changes for the other rate plan directly in the Agoda extranet.  Agoda only updates Availability and Rates for the rate plan selected on this page.

Agoda - specific options

1. If the default currency on Agoda is different from default currency in Myallocator here you can set the currency that will apply to Agoda only.

2. Your Extra-Bed rate could be same as room rate, not set at all or specified in the field number 3.

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