Display options within the Booking Page


Display options within the Booking Page

Myallocator has a number of display options to help you filter the way you view your bookings.   While the default settings work great for many users, there's a lot of alternative layouts you can choose based on what works best for your property.

Step 1: Navigate to the Bookings Page


Step 2: Click the Display Button


Step 3: Check the options you want to view on the Bookings Page

  1. Bookigns Per Page
    • This determines how many bookings will appear on each page before you have to click an arrow to see more bookings
  2. Sort By
    • This option will sort the bookings by either the Booking/Modification date, or the Arrival Date
  3. Show heading for each date
    • This option will display the heading (column names) before each date change
  4. Columns
    • This includes all of the options to display, such as Channel, Booking ID, Arrival Date, Balance, etc.
  5. Once all selections have been made, click SET.
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