Guest information (email, address, phone) is not included in the booking - why?


Guest information (email, address, phone) is not included in the booking - why?

In this article, we will discuss why certain information (such as email or address) are not included in a reservation, and what to do.


For certain OTA (channel) bookings, you may not receive all of the information that you desire.  Most properties want as much information as possible, such as:

  • Email address
  • Guest physical address
  • Phone Number
  • Etc.

Data Source

It's important to remember that the OTA is the source of this incoming information (not myallocator).

Myallocator will always display the full information that the OTA provides.

If there is a piece of information missing, it means that the OTA did not send it to myallocator.



In this example, the guest email addresses is missing:



The reason for any information not being included (such as email, address, etc.) is because of a setting inside your OTA extranet.  Again, myallocator will always display all of the information that the OTA sends to us.



To resolve this, you'll need to email your OTA Account Manager (NOT the OTA customer support team).  Only your Account Manager can resolve this issue.  Tell the Account Manager that you are missing guest data from the bookings that are forwarded to myallocator, and myallocator has already confirmed that their system is working.  He/she will be able to update the setting for you.

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