How to set Minimum Length of Stay (MinLOS) in IWB PMS


Per IWB:


There is a special procedure required when sending the minimum stays from IWB to Channel Manager. The user must perform the below steps whenever they update their minimum stays. We will do this now for them, so everything will be up to date.


Here is the procedure for adding minimum stays for a property:


1) Please log in to your profile at our website, then proceed to the CALENDAR page. On that page, select the "Minimum Stays" tab. Set your minimum stays and click "Save Changes"

2) Go to the "CHANNEL MANAGER" page. Un-check each room type that you added minimum stays for.

3) Wait about 1 minute, then re-check all the room types.


Note that whenever you change a minimum stay for a particular room, you will need to follow steps 2 and 3 again.

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