Can I cancel bookings directly in myallocator?



This is a great question.  Currently, only three channels support cancelling a booking directly within the myallocator system:

  1. Hostelworld
  2. BookNow
  3. Tripadvisor Instant Book

For all other channels, you must cancel the booking directly in the channel extranet.

If you try to cancel a booking from any channel other than Hostelworld or BookNow, you will see this warning:


Tripadvisor Instant Book

It is now possible to cancel bookings made through TripAdvisor Instant Book. TripAdvisor only checks the bookings once a day, so it could take a while to show up for a hotel guest.


How to Handle Cancellations

Depending on the channel, a cancelled booking MAY or MAY NOT be transmitted to myallocator.  To determine how to handle cancellations for all other channel bookings, please see this article: 

How should I handle cancellations?





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