BookNow language support for Tripadvisor


BookNow language support for Tripadvisor



At this time we can only support one default language for the BookNow widget.  When marketing with Tripadvisor Cost Per Click, you will need to decide which language you want to market to your guests as your primary language.  This way, your guests will be presented with the normal Booknow button and can then choose their language.  

In other words, you cannot drive the language selection through Tripadvisor - you must let BookNow drive the language selection process.

Here is how:

1. Choose which language you want to support on Tripadvisor
2. Set your BookNow widget to that default language
3. Let your customers change their Language selection on their own when they get to the widget.



If you need help setting your Default BookNow Language, please see this article:  

Is it possible to alter the default language displayed in the BookNow widget?

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