External bookings are missing the Room Name (Description) when myallocator sends the booking to Checkfront


External bookings are missing the Room Name (Description) when myallocator sends the booking to Checkfront

This article disusses why some reservations may be missing the Room Name (Description) when importing from myallocator to Checkfront, and your options to resolve that issue.


Many properties have multiple units within a single room type, such as:

  • Double Private (3 Units)
  • Etc.

Within Checkfront, many properties create unique "Items" for each of these rooms, such as:

  • Mapleview 1 (Double Private A)
  • Mapleview 2 (Double Private B)
  • Mapleview 3 (Double Private C)
  • And So On...

However, most External Channels (such as booking.com and Expedia) require you to market rooms within a "Room Type", such as:

  • Double Private Room (Qty: 3)

When this happens, it creates a mismatch between the room setup within Checkfront, myallocator, and your external Channels:



Due to this mismatch, neither the channel nor myallocator know which Room (Mapleview 1, 2 or 3) the booking is for.  When this happens, myallocator sends the booking to Checkfront, but does not know or state which specific room the booking is meant for.  In this case, the property is required to select the appropriate room for the booking.



In the example below, we see that a booking has been received by Expedia, but the Description (Room Type) is missing:



Since the channel does not know if this is for the Standard Queen A, or the Standard Queen B room, myallocator does not know which room it belongs to either.

To solve this, you must go into Checkfront and assign the reservation to the desired room.  Here is how:

  1. Login to Checkfront
  2. Booking
  3. External Bookings
  4. Click the booking in question
  5. Notice the message from Checkfront that describes this situation
  6. Click Import Booking
  7. Select the desired room (item) from the list that you want to assign this room to.
  8. Click Add to Booking
  9. Next
  10. Continue
  11. Continue
  12. Change status to Booked (if applicable)
  13. Done!
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